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Welcome DSMB-ers!

Get The Interview Cheat Sheet for free

Nervous about discussing salary in your interviews?

With this cheat sheet, you won't be! You'll get expert interview tips so you know exactly what to say, plus...

  • Scripts to handle the current and expected salary questions
  • Questions to expect and how to answer them
  • Interview checklists to prepare for all types of interviews
  • Questions you can ask to learn more about their needs

The Interview Cheat Sheet is an example of a digital product that I built and shipped in about a week. I initially launched it at $9, then raised the price to $14. I sold it for about six months before I realized it was the perfect thing to give away to help new readers get immediate value, so I started giving it away.

To give you some perspective, here's the Product Hunt page, and the landing page here on my site:

And here are a couple other resources I mentioned in my talk:

Hi, DSMB-ers!

Thanks for having me as a guest presenter to talk about getting started with your first digital product.

In my presentation, I mentioned that The Interview Cheat Sheet is a good example of a just-small-enough product that you can build and sell in a short amount of time.

I thought you might want to see what it looks like, so here you go!

You can always get in touch with me using this simple form or you can find me on Twitter. And I'm happy to answer your salary negotiation questions and I'm available for 1-on-1 coaching when you're preparing for your next interview, salary negotiation, or raise!

All the best

– Josh