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Expert salary negotiation coaching

Salary negotiation and interview prep coaching—satisfaction guaranteed

You're expecting a job offer, but you're not sure what to do next. Or you have a great opportunity at a great new company, and your first interview is coming up. But you’re not prepared for the interview and you don’t have much time to fix that.

Here are a few of the things that might be occurring to you right now:

  • What do I say when they ask about my salary requirements?
  • How can I stand out from other candidates?
  • Should I negotiate starting salary if they make me an offer?
  • How?

There’s a lot on the line! You know you should prepare so you don’t squander this opportunity, but you don't even know where to begin. What should you do?

Josh Kaufman

You should buy Fearless Salary Negotiation.

There are simple tactics you can use to ace your interviews and confidently negotiate your starting salary. I’ve used them myself to get great job offers and negotiate my own salary. I’ve many helped others use them to do the same at companies like Google, Amazon, and Tesla.

If you could negotiate a $10,000 increase in your starting salary, you would make $10,000 more that first year. And you would make $10,000 the next year, and the next year, and the next year. Over just 10 years, that $10,000 salary increase would be worth more than $100,000.

A case study

Ashley was interviewing for a new consulting opportunity at a software company. Her old company was going through a significant reorganization, and she was looking for a new opportunity in a more stable working environment. She was even willing to accept a lateral move in pay to get out of the old company and into a new one. She wasn't planning to negotiate if they made her an offer that matched her current salary.

We scheduled a time to talk and I asked her some questions:

  • "What is your market value?" Quite a bit higher than her current pay.
  • "How do you stack up against other consultants in your industry?" She was one of the most experienced consultants in the industry.
  • "How badly does this new company need your expertise?" They desperately needed her specific skillset and experience.

She was in a very strong negotiating position, but didn't even plan to negotiate if they could meet her current salary! With my coaching, she decided to negotiate rather than accepting a lateral move. The result? She made an additional $15,000 in base salary by negotiating her job offer.

Here's a testimonial from another coaching client, Justin:

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I would highly recommend Josh as a salary negotiation coach because has the knowledge and experience of what it takes to maximize your salary and total compensation.

I was expecting job offers from Amazon and Tesla, and I wanted to be confident I got the best offer from each company so I could make the right decision. I considered just handling it myself, but decided I would rather work with an experienced coach and expert with whom I could discuss all aspects of the positions and corresponding offers.

What a great decision!

Approachable, knowledgeable, available

Josh is very approachable and knowledgeable about the entire process and was able to provide possible next steps that were very accurate. He made himself available for calls and was very quick responding to emails with thorough, specific guidance on what to write or say at each stage in the negotiations. He was there to answer even the smallest of questions.

Josh took time to research specific questions related to both positions and the intricacies of the salary and total compensation discussions for both companies. The offers I got were very different offers, and he took the time to break them down into components so we could negotiate effectively and do an apples-to-apples comparison so I could make the best decision.

A great investment

I would highly recommend Josh as a salary negotiation coach because has the knowledge and experience of what it takes to maximize your salary and total compensation. He is also highly approachable and made himself available on very short notice.

Josh added value by making me confident when performing salary negotiations and showing me how to take the right steps in the process. He was professional and honest during the entire process.

This was a great investment.

I will walk you through the entire process

When you work with me, you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way, and you’ll have a clear plan to follow.

I will help you...

  • Prepare for your interviews so that you stand out from other candidates, impress everyone you talk to, and set yourself up with the best job offer possible.
  • Avoid common mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in your interviews and starting salary negotiation.
  • Prepare a plan for every phase of your starting salary negotiation so you maximize your starting salary and other benefits.

What's included?

End-to-end coaching to ace your interviews and negotiate your starting salary once you get a job offer.

  • Interview strategy coaching session—We will walk through everything you need to know to prepare for and excel in your interviews to get the best job offers possible.
  • Custom salary negotiation strategy—Once you get your job offer, I will work with you to evaluate the offer and create a custom strategy for negotiating the best possible result.
  • Custom scripts so you know exactly what to say and write throughout your salary negotiationWhat you say is as important as how you say it. You will get specific scripts you can use to communicate throughout your negotiation.
  • BONUS: You'll get the Complete Bundle of Fearless Salary Negotiation (a $239 value) so you'll have everything you need for our engagement, and so you can review everything you learn later on.
  • BONUS: Mock interview—Need to practice your interview technique? We'll do a 45-minute non-technical mock interview, and I'll give you feedback at the end. You'll get the recording to keep.
  • OPTIONAL: Each additional salary negotiation is only $500—Expecting multiple job offers? A custom negotiation strategy for your first job offer is included with this coaching package, and a custom strategy for each additional job offer is only $500 per offer.
S. L., Google Site Reliability Engineer

Josh prepared me for every call and every email during my salary negotiation. His help repositioning and rephrasing emails not only helped with this negotiation, but helped me see how rephrasing an email can paint it in a much different light.

I had an opportunity to move to Europe as a Google Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and I knew I should negotiate, but wasn't sure exactly how to do it.

I'm glad I worked with Josh. Now I have greater confidence to negotiate other job offers in the future, and I found that it's possible to ask for more and go further than I'm used to.

Common questions and answers

Have you negotiated with any big companies?

Yes! I've coached people in negotiations with Google, Amazon, Tesla, and other companies you've probably heard of. I've also coached people through negotiations with small startups and small businesses you probably haven't heard of.

When is the best time to work with you?

The ideal time for us to start working together is about a week before your first discussion with a recruiter or hiring manager. That gives us time to plan for that discussion and avoid some common pitfalls that you'll encounter early in the interview process.

If you're actively sending out applications and looking for a new job, now is a good time to apply.

I'm interviewing with a big famous company. Can you help me?

Yes. I've helped clients negotiate great compensation packages at Google, Amazon, Tesla and other companies you've heard of.

How long does it take to review my application?

I'll review your application very quickly and get back to you within 1–2 business days. If your situation is urgent, let me know and summarize your situation in the "#1 worry" field of the application and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

What's the cost and is it worth it?

On average, my clients increase their salaries by $10,000–15,000 when changing jobs. They also get a lot of value from knowing that they're making all the right moves and that they will get the best result possible in the end. And they rave about my help crafting emails and helping them prepare for conversations with recruiters and hiring managers so they know exactly what to say.

My coaching fee is $2,000. That's a fantastic ROI.

If you're making at least $50,000 and you can currently afford my fee, then this is probably for you. If the cost seems prohibitively expensive for you, then it's probably not for you. The first step is to complete an application because that gives me everything I need to determine if this is a good fit for your situation, and helps me suggest alternatives that are within your budget.

What if I have multiple job offers?

Additional custom salary negotiation strategies are $500 per offer that I help you negotiate.

Will I really be working directly with you or is this a group thing or a self-directed process?

We'll work together 1-on-1 in the style that you're most comfortable with. Some of my clients prefer to communicate via email and some prefer phone calls. It's up to you what medium we use, but we'll be working together 1-on-1 through the entire process.

Acree M.

Taking control of that process and successfully negotiating a great salary affirmed my worth as a professional and spoke volumes about how valuable I am to my company.

I was happy working as a freelance copywriter when an enticing opportunity came along to work for a small company full-time. But in order to turn away all of my clients, which was a big risk, the opportunity and salary had to be just right.

I reached out to Josh for help negotiating the job offer, and his salary negotiation coaching gave me confidence during a tedious and nerve-wracking process. He helped remind me of what I was worth as a candidate and gave me the words to keep from settling for my minimal acceptable salary.

I feel really empowered as a woman every time I negotiate because I’ve read the statistics about women negotiating. Taking control of that process and successfully negotiating a great salary affirmed my worth as a professional and spoke volumes about how valuable I am to my company.

The extra income allowed my husband and me to get help with things like housekeeping so we can spend more quality time together on the weekends. We have also been able to save up for luxuries like a trip to Italy, and necessities like a new car.

In the end, I was blown away by my company's final offer. It promises to keep me satisfied in my new job for a long time.

Does this actually work?

Yep! Most of these testimonials are from people I helped directly. I've been coaching people for almost 2 years and my clients have gotten great results.

Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?

Yes. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results or I will happily refund your money. And the bonus Complete Bundle book and video courses are yours to keep.

How long does this take?

To make sure you get the most value possible, we will work together for up to 90 days. Sometimes, we'll only need a few days or so. Other times—with a particularly intensive interview process—we may need the full 90 days.

Expert salary negotiation coaching

Apply for a free 15-minute call to see if you'll benefit from expert salary negotiation coaching to negotiate your job offer

Money back guarantee

I guarantee you will be satisfied with your results, or I’ll happily refund your money. And the bonus Complete Bundle book and video courses are yours to keep.

So how does this work?

Here's a detailed summary of the entire process so you know exactly what to expect.

  • You’ll complete a short application so I can learn more about your specific situation before we start working together. This is important because I want to be sure you, specifically, will benefit from my help.
  • I'll review your application and either confirm that this coaching offering is for you or suggest other resources that may be a better fit for your situation.
  • Once your application is approved, I'll send you a registration packet so we can schedule our first meeting and submit your payment information.
  • Before our first meeting, you will do some light homework so we get the most out of the meeting.
  • In our first meeting, we'll lay out a strategy for your interview and negotiation process. I'll tell you what to expect every step of the way and tell you how to avoid very common mistakes that could cost you a lot of money.
  • You'll usually begin with a pre-interview or pre-screen call with a recruiter or hiring manager. I'll prepare you for that call and make sure you know how to avoid common interview mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Then your interviews will begin. I will make sure you’re prepared for each interview so that you stand out and avoid costly mistakes. I'll teach you my framework for answering interview questions so that you can answer every question with confidence and continuously build your case that you're the best candidate for the job.
  • When you get your job offer, we will review it and plan for your salary negotiation. I will tell you exactly what to expect and prepare you for the entire negotiation.
  • We will calculate your ideal counteroffer for your specific situation and build a strong case to justify your counter. You will have a specific number to counter with and you will have a strong case to go along with it.
  • You will deliver your counter along with your case, and I will help you. You will usually deliver your counter via email and I will help you craft an email that clearly articulates a strong case to justify your counter.
  • We will script every step of your negotiation so that you are ready when the company responds to your counteroffer. Not only will you have a script to follow to maximize your starting salary, you will also have a clear plan to maximize the benefits—vacation, working conditions, etc.—that are most important to you.
  • I'll answer your questions and help you navigate your unique negotiation. Every negotiation is different, and you'll have questions along the way. I'll answer emails or schedule phone calls with you to answer your questions quickly as you negotiate.
  • We'll evaluate your results and make sure you're satisfied.

How I became a salary negotiation coach

Josh Doody headshotI'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps Software Developers get more job offers and negotiate higher salaries. On average, the Software Developers I work with improve their job offers by $16,360.

I didn't negotiate my salary at my first few jobs, but quickly realized I had left a lot of money on the table. I began negotiating and I doubled my salary in three years.

Now I use everything I learned from my own experience to help others make tens of thousands more dollars negotiating with Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, @WalmartLabs, Zillow, Kimberly-Clark, Bloomberg, Red Hat, Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, and other companies you've heard of.

You can learn my strategy and tactics with my book, Fearless Salary Negotiation: A step-by-step guide to getting paid what you're worth.

PS You don’t get many opportunities to change companies and negotiate a big salary increase.

Whether you work with me directly, read my book, take my courses, or find your own way, do yourself a favor and make the most of this rare opportunity.

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